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7542 42nd Ave. N New Hope, MN 55427
Fax: 763-746-7991 to get your food delivery
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Positive reviews: 76
Negative resolved reviews: 67
Negative unresolved reviews: 7
Total Customer reviews: 150

  • Store:

    I placed a order on Tuesday 11/18/2014 at 1:07 pm. The Order never came. I called the manager too cancel the order. He then accused me of yelling at him in which I did not. I kept pleading with this manager that I do not want the order and please have you driver turn around. The manager offered me the food for free. I told him no I do not want it. Then while this manager was arguing the driver did show up at 2:25pm.I will never do business with Sarpinos due to their bad attitude and terrible customer service.. Please do not send me free offers

  • Store:

    Order pizza online and it was delivered about an hour later. The pizza was the wrong one that should have gone to a different house and the driver didn't have my pizza. He said he would be right back with mine and after an hour no pizza. I had to call the store to get them to deliver the pizza 25 minutes later and the pizza that arrived was burnt. Another order a few weeks ago wasn't delivered until after an hour and a half after ordering. Love the pizza, but not worth the frustration of ordering from Sarpinos anymore.

  • Store:

    I've only ordered here a few times haven't had any issues what so ever. Their food was good as well as their customer service. This time I wasn't satisfied with my pizza, Normally people don't complain when they get a lot of toppings but I got a lot of peperoni which was okay at first just picked it off. the pizza was still really greasy from all the peperoni even after I picked it off. I ate about two slices and my son had one. I wasn't satisfied with it, I had wings which were great. it was just the pizza which was ruined. so I called in an hour and a half later after having an upset stomach. I was put on the phone with ALEX A GENERAL MANAGER. I explained to him what was wrong and that I normally not the one to call. He started with saying normally pepperoni is greasy most people know that. That right off the bat upset me, I told him I know peperoni is greasy I had a lot on my pizza so I took it off. but it was still greasy and I only ate two pieces my son at one. He said well you ate the pizza? I said yes three pieces. well you should of called before you ate anything. This young boy continued to speak over me and tell me what is realistic and what I should of done. he was completely rude and childish. I asked to speak to someone else. he said he knew what I was doing I knew all the right things to say. keep in mind I didn't ask for my full 27 dollars back I didn't even ask him for a full refund, or even a new pizza. he assumed I was just calling to get money back like whatever scammers he dealt with and treated me like he had no sense. he was rude, spoke over me accused me of calling to just get my money back for no reason. I asked numerous times to give me a name of someone else to speak to and he said call me tomorrow. I had to ask for the owners name and when they would be in. Now the pizza is the least of my concerns this ALEX KID was totally disrespectful and as a customer I shouldn't be treated like that. He should of just simply said he couldn't give money refunds back and credit was the only option for the unsatisfactory pizza. He should've just apologized for the greasy pizza and I would of been content with that. I just wanted a small refund back for the pizza i spent money on.

  • Store:

    order never arrived. Was told 1 hr to delivery. after an hour and a half, i called and was lied to by the woman on the phone. She assured me my pizza's were 'on their way'. After two hours i called and spoke to Mark the manager, who explained the order was never received OR it was delivered to the wrong hotel. He could not confirm whether my order was charged as he saw no history for the transaction. he did offer to recharge my account for the pizzas that never arrived. after calling grubhub who confirmed i had been charged i cancelled my order. Summation: lied to by employee, and misled by an ill informed manager. I will never patronize this chain again. Do yourself a favor, avoid this establishment as if plague ridden.

  • Store:

    Best pizza ever, always delivered hot and fresh in a timely manner. I recommend everyone try a gourmet/specialty pizza from sarpinos. Wings are great too...

  • Store:

    My order took 1 hour 25 minutes to be delivered (not the 45-60 as indicated in the email). When the pizza arrived it was incorrect. I ordered with "no sausage", but it had spicy sausage on it. One of our family members can't eat sausage, and she didn't have any pizza she liked. We had to make her a PB&J instead. She was terribly upset and cried for 15 mins

  • Store:

    Wonderful selection! Love that I am able to order 1 or 100 items and have them delivered at any time! Keep up the good work!

  • Store:

    I found this store on there website, called to order a pizza after investigating whether they would deliver to Brooklyn Park. the website said it Did. I called to order a pizza only to have the manager tell me they won't deliver to me. I'm a truck driver stuck at a customer and only wanted to order a pizza you would think that they would follow their website protocol. I asked them why they had on the website they would deliver and then hung up on me. I see this is a poorly run business and wouldn't do any business with them again

  • Store:

    Last Friday night I ordered for delivery. When our order came we realized the order was not correct. I called the store back and spoke with Alex. He offered me a free pizza the next time I called. I am a food service manager, and know what quality guest service means. I think Alex should be recognized for going above and beyond. Thank you for great pizza!!!

  • Store:

    first timer Freaky fast , online-order to deliver in under 30 min! Piping hot pizza and wings cooked to perfection, 10% online coupon worked perfectly (1 click dropdown) will defiantly order again! great job*****

  • Store:

    Thank you! It was very good :)

  • Store:

    You can tell the pizzas are made with fresh ingredients. They taste so much better than the competition. They have a huge selection of ingredients and choices of specialty and gourmet pizza. I look forward to choosing more from their vast menu. I have ordered online as well as over the phone and haven't had a problem. I enjoy the fact that you can order online. Plus they're always sending coupons in the mail!

  • Store:

    Great food, fresh ingredients! Delivery all over the Twin Cities area. You can't beat them!

  • Store:

    Great customer service! Thank you for taking the time to make sure your customers are happy. Pizza was great and it was a nice treat to not have to cook today.

  • Store:

    My wife an I were supposed to go out to a fancy schmancy restaurant for my birthday. Then it started to snow and decided not to stop. Sitter canceled, what should we do? Order pizza and hang out with the fambly. Best Birthday Ever!

  • Store:

    Phenomenal pizza, excellent service, very fast delivery!

    So excited to find this Pizzaria in my neighborhood the last week by accident. Was hungry and saw this pizza place, which I thought was an eat-in restaurant but it wasn't, but the guy @ the counter was super nice, and he sold me on getting a personal pizza.

    I chose Santa fè chicken pizza, and I brought it home. The pizza was PHENOMENAL. Since then, this is my go-to take out/delivery pizza.

    Top 10 reasons to order Sarpino's.

    1) It' s New York Style Pizza.

    2) Toppings: Quality ingredients, generously applied.

    3) Crust: Fresh nicely crispy crust outside and when you bite in nice and chewing...so yummmy...comparable to eating a breadstick fresh out of the oven. Very soft, but not doughy. There are TONS of different dipping sauces to choose from as well. It makes the crust eating experience that much more enjoyable.

    4) Sauce : so delicious! Nice and zesty..yet also sweet. Amazing.

    5) They have so many side dipping sauces to choose from...the creamy garlic and the jalapeno ranch are exceptional. It makes the eating experience that much more enjoyable.

    6) Customer service - very nice, professional @ the counter and over the phone.

    7) Online ordering - makes ordering a breeze. They have a good system, and actually pay attention to their online ordering. When I called to follow up and they confirmed that they already had my order down. I did error on my end 'cause I choose marinara, instead of jalapeno ranch, but the lady over the phone corrected for me. I even got an online confirmation email, after my order, and when my pizza delivery person was heading my way. Exceptional!

    8) Fast and on time delivery - I got the pizza in the time I expected.

    9) The delivery person was nice and professional.

    10) It's delicious!!!!!

    ~Ecco, tu mangi! There you go, you eat! Mangi! ~

  • Store:

    Just wanted to let you know about our trip were from Detroit lakes Minnesota and we try to get out of town during we feast cause all drunks in town.

    One night we wanted to try a pizza place that we don't have in town where we live so we choose sarpino's the desk clerk at hotel suggested it was best in town. It wasn't best pizza I've ever ate it was good but I will say you have the best workers I've seen in a long time. The delivery driver refused a tip saying he had to hit his breaks someone cut him off and pizza may be squished first of all in Detroit lakes the drivers wouldn't have even said anything and the pizza was perfect 1 slice had a few toppings moved but pizza was good. he refused to take tip 3 times saying he only wanted to get paid for perfection. This wasn't even his fault.

    If their is anything you can do to keep this crew together you should do it. That type work ethic is rare I've posted on Facebook and every site I can to give prop's to this crew what a great group of people. I phoned the manger to tell him about his worker and he also wanted to give me free pizza I told him no pizza was good I only wanted to call to inform them because their driver they have a customer for life.

  • Store:

    We’ve been ordering from your store for several years now and always enjoy your pizza (and I really like how I can tweak the toppings on the Gourmet and Specialty pizzas)! We changed it up last night and ordered lasagna and ravioli and a salad along with tiramisu. Our dinner was really great from start to finish!

    And your delivery team is always here quickly and our food was still very hot when it arrived. All the drivers do a great job. They will know us as the people with the old gas pump in the entry.

    Thanks for another great dinner!

  • Store:

    We love Sarpinos, it's our favorite pizza place!

  • Store:

    everything is awesome glad you server our area...